Safeguarding our clients and staff members

Dear Readers,


As we commence the new academic year, and nearly 6 months on from the initial lockdown, I thought to write a short note explaining how we are continuing to meet the needs and considerations of our staff members and of those individuals we support during these current times.


At B.I.T.T. Services, safety is a priority, along with providing enriching services that enable individuals to best manage their challenges and work independently.   Our preferred method of support has, and will continue to be, face-to-face as this provides a far more enriched learning experience for the user. However, since earlier this year we’ve operated inline with government guidelines and been rapid enough to adapt by providing effective and supportive remote sessions.  We are continuing to encourage remote support through this term, although facilitating face-to-face where it is most appropriate.  As a result, we’ve implemented additional measures to minimise the risks associated with Covid-19 when conducting face-to-face sessions. Full details of our additional measures, and amended processes, can be found in our updated Health policy.  Furthermore, we’ve created a simple to follow FAQ page for those few individuals where face-to-face sessions are being facilitated.  Like all responsible organisations, we are continuing to review the situation and updating our processes and Health policy as appropriate.


Finally, I’d also like to take this opportunity, to say how proud I am of the  BITTS team.   We are a diverse and agile team who have continued to work hard and remained focused supporting our existing, as well as new, clients over the last few months. Thank you team!


Please continue to stay safe and be in good health.


Nicholas Christodoulou (Managing Director)


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