Following on from our success in the DSA sector and supporting students in Higher Education, BI.T.T. Services provide a variety of bespoke services to Academic Institutions. With a proven track record in supporting several London universities, we are experts in understanding the impacts and consequences that disabilities presents, as well as having vast technical knowledge.  We can tailor our service to the Institutions needs, ensuring a relevant, professional and quality package. Below are just some of the examples of our service offerings.


  • Disability Awareness
  • Accessibility Awareness
  • Assistive Technology Awareness
  • Academic & library support
  • Supporting interviews and sitting on advisory panels

Exam Provisions

  • Setting up computers for individualised exam provisions
  • Liaising between disability office, exams office and student
  • Invigilation of specialist exams

Supporting Students

  • Higher Education Preparation workshops
  • One-to-one training for non-DSA students
  • Running workshops on Assistive Technology Software & Studying Processes
  • Running drop-in sessions training on Assistive and Non-Assistive Software/Hardware

Sourcing Technology & Support

  • Assistive Technology Software
  • Assistive & non-Assistive Hardware
  • Setting up of equipment
  • Provide specialist support
  • Maintaining Equipment

Supporting Staff

  • Disability Awareness Guidance & Workshops
  • Accessibility Guidance & workshops
  • Assistive Technology Guidance & Workshops
  • Induction Training & Inclusive practice
Whatever the requirement, reach out and we can discuss and collaborate to agree an appropriate service offering