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Empowering People with Empowering Technology

B.I.T.T. Services provide a context based I.T. tuition service bespoke to each user’s needs; no matter the age or the ability, we can help make the difference needed. We offer our services to a large, varied, clientele; anyone who requires our assistance. We are experienced in working with both the education sector and in the workplace, tutoring individuals on a one to one basis or servicing the technology needs for whole companies – no matter the context, or the needs, we can offer a tailored solution to suit and help improve the working productivity for you, your students, your staff or team.

Assistive Technology

Our main area of expertise is providing tuition in the use of “Assistive Technology”, ranging from software to hardware solutions. Whatever the technological need may be we will provide the direction towards a resolution. We tutor on not only how to use both hardware and software applications but also implement the necessary strategies to make the assistive technology actually work for the individual.

As mentioned above, the tuition service is a bespoke one, tailored to each individual's needs. As areas of difficulty are discussed with each individual, the tutor can introduce techniques and strategies on how to use the assistive technology to help work around them.

General Tuition

We also provide tuition on a whole host of different hardware and software applications. We can provide on-site training, which enables us to see the environment in which the user works and advise accordingly. This also enables us to “customise” any hardware or software applications so that it works more effectively for the user.

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