B.I.T.T. Services are industry leaders in providing tailored human support services to students of Higher Education Institutions and employees of UK Businesses, Corporations and Government Departments.



With over 18 years of experience we support students and employees who qualify for government funded schemes such as the Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) or the Access to Work (AtW) programme.Read more


We provide a range of technical and HR services to businesses.  These services range from the sourcing of both Assistive and Non Assistive Technology hardware and software through to the ongoing management and support of the business’  technical infrastructure and telephony needs.Read more


We’ve been working directly with Academic Institutions since 2004, providing a variety of bespoke Higher Education services ranging from exam provisioning, running of Disability Awareness Workshops through to sourcing Assistive Technology hardware and software.Read more

Did you know B.I.T.T. Services have been supporting businesses up and down the country with I.T. Support and Maintenace many years? This includes Remote Working, Remote Desktop access, IP Telephony, VPN, Remote Office Tunnelling and more! If you or your business need technical help or have any relevant or related question at this time, please contact us and speak to one of our team who can advise on your needs around remote working.


Reasons for our success?



Bespoke services, tailored and personalised to the individual
enabling them to tackle the challenges presented
by their difficulties.

We are flexible and accommodating to the individual’s timetable,
providing support at their home, place of study/work or other
agreed meeting point.

Our Team are knowledgeable with exceptional inter-personal skills which enables them to build a positive working relationship with each and every client.

We have a genuine care for our client’s well-being and endeavour to support them in the best way that we can throughout our range of services.

Best in class strategies that work for the individual. These strategies have been developed over the last 15 years based on our experience and in depth awareness on a range of disabilities.