Disabled Students’ Allowances – DSA

As a DSA-QAG registered Non-Medical Helper Provider we are abled to officially support students, for a number of services, who are in receipt of DSAs.Read more

Access To Work – AtW

We provide a service for employers and their employees who are in receipt of AtW.  We build a positive relationship with the employee and work with the HR and IT departments to provide.Read more

F.E & H.E. Services

We offer a variety of bespoke services to support Academic Institutions and Students from exam provisioning through to training and more.Read more

Technical Services

We are able to support Small to Medium sized enterprises through a variety of technical services concluding IT consultancy and on-going IT support.Read more

Work Place Services

Based on our specialism and expertise of supporting individuals who present a difficulty or disability we can offer a number of truly unique and tailored services to support individuals and their organisation.Read more

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