Through empowering people and empowering technology we enable employees and employers to achieve their performance aims and business goals.  Our Workplace Wellness services support businesses to build a positive work environment to drive efficiencies, performance and retain engaged staff.  Importantly our services strive to reduce workplace stress and burnout.

Our services will:
  • Promote inclusions through raising awareness and providing insights;
  • Drive work efficiencies by providing technologies and strategies to tackle the challenges presented by the various difficulties;
  • Encourage greater wellness and reduce burnout through improved self-awareness and high-lighting techniques that are appropriate to them


Workshops providing insights in a variety of topics and offering appropriate strategic intervention to help implement a positive change.Read more

1-2-1 Specialist Support

Assistive Technology Training, Mentoring and Work Place Skills Support enabling individuals to better their challenges, gain independence and grow confidence in the workplace.Read more


Providing professional guidance, advice and recommendations to drive inclusive practice and wellness within the workplace.Read more


Our knowledge helps to identify the impact within the workplace on the employee, employer and customer.  The group sessions provide strategic interventions that can help implement necessary change. They also enable an open forum for discussion and provide answers to the participant’s questions.

With a range of workshops designed for employees, HR professionals or Team Managers to raise awareness of mental health conditions and wellbeing.  Most importantly providing strategies for both employees and accountable managers and HR managers to drive workplace wellness.

Our tailored,group based services focus on the following themes:
  • Accessibility & Inclusion
  • Wellbeing
  • Mental Health
  • Visible & Non-Visible Disabilities
  • Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Other Specific Learning Differences (SpLD’s)
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety Management


3 hour workshop designed for team managers and HR professionals to promote wellness and inclusion within the workplace.  Find out more here


3 hour workshop designed for all employees to drive wellness and personalised wellbeing plan.  Find out more here.


Our personalised services are all designed to support individuals to better manage their difficulties or challenges, work independently, gain confidence and grow within their setting thus resulting in improved efficiencies and wellbeing. Employers see a reduction in sick days, decreased tension in group environments and improved departmental moral.

These services are suitable for those who have a diagnosed difficulty, such as mental, physical or specific learning difference (SpLD) or those with a non-diagnosed difficulty and struggling with daily life and the stresses of work.


Enabling employees to get the best from their assistive technology software and hardware solutions through personalised strategies tailored uniquely to them.


Empowering employees through a variety of appropriate work-based strategies, aimed at enhancing their work and professional success.


Encouraging employees to overcome any barriers and manage their own workload and wellbeing for increased professional performance.


Providing compassionate support and appropriate strategies to help an individual better understand their feelings and thought processes to drive wellness and success within the workplace.


Our knowledge and expertise enable us to truly provide best in class professional advice and guidance.  Most Importantly we drive wellness within the workplace.  Working with HR departments, Occupational Health Teams, Inclusions Managers and Employees, we can support a particular case or provide ongoing guidance as a preferred supplier.
Our consultancy portfolio includes:
  • One off support, providing recommendations and appropriate adjustments for individuals presenting with a disability or difficulty
  • Support employees returning to work, working with the individual and the employer to implement appropriate adjustments for a smooth transition
  • Support the transformation of organisations practises around Inclusion, Accessibility and Employee Wellbeing
  • Audit organisations current situation and provide practical recommendations to implement good practices
  • Identify and help implement appropriate measures to better understand and manage performance
  • Provide non-judgemental Assessments for individuals and recommend appropriate adjustments to best support the employee going forward
Whatever the requirement, reach out and we can discuss and collaborate to agree an appropriate service offering.