Access to Work is a government funded scheme for those with a disability, mental health condition or long term illness to support them to start or stay in work.  In 2008, we expanded our specialised 1-2-1 services for those in receipt of this funding scheme.  Those struggling in the workplace, including those presenting with Specific Learning Differences, can benefit from one of our various services from Assistive Technology Training through to Workplace Skills support.  Because we’ve worked with various government and pubic sector companies we have industry leading knowledge in supporting individuals in managing and therefore overcome their challenges in the workplace.


Reasonable Adjustments

Before any employee embarks on the Access to Work journey, they must have a conversation with the employer and implement reasonable adjustments.  There is a general lack of awareness regarding reasonable adjustments and often a conversation that many struggle with.  At BITTS we can facilitate this, by meeting with the employee having the right, open conversation to understand the impact of their condition in the workplace.  Importantly from this conversation we will then provide recommendations on reasonable adjustments and further provisions that maybe funded by Access to Work.  An example of a reasonable adjustments may include the introduction of flexible working for the employee.


Access to Work Application

The employee, following the implementation of the reasonable adjustments can apply online for Access to Work assuming they have evidence of the their condition and that they still face barriers in the workplace.  Assuming an application is approved, we at BITTS can provide a variety of the various provisions.


Our Approach

We tailor our Access to Work services to the employees needs, considering their work environment and organisation. Our approach is structured, using best-in-class strategies that have been developed from our success in working in the DSA sector.  Furthermore our team of tutors, mentors and coaches are experienced and have exceptional interpersonal skills. Most importantly enabling them to build a rapport and positive relationship with every client. Our approach:

  • Person Centred – focusing around the employees particular difficulties and addressing their specific needs.
  • Context Specific – focusing on the tasks in hand that are presenting as problematic.
  • Structured strategies – best-in-class that have been developed over the last 15 years
  • Care & empathy – we genuinely care about the individuals well-being and providing the best possible service and outcome

Employees – What to Expect

Whatever support service you access from us, you should expect to receive a high-quality service. Most importantly you should expect to receive a service that will enrichen your working experience and provide you with greater independence and confidence.

Above all we work with you by teaching how to access the necessary tools and both identify and utilise the correct strategies. This will enable you to address your challenges. Therefore enabling you to take better control of how you successfully operate in your work and potentially personal environment.

Employers – What to Expect

We will professionally liaise with your relevant internal departments to ensure a smooth and quality experience for all. From communicating with HR through to working with your technical teams. Ensuring the relevant Assistive Technologies are correctly working on your computer.

Finally, whoever you may engage with, from tutors to administrative members of the team, you will receive a professional service with your well-being at the centre of every conversation.

Our Key Access to Work Services:


Consultation and Assessment

Consultation and Assessment

Meeting with the employee to understand their difficulties and the impact of their condition in the workplace.  From this, importantly, we will provide recommendations for reasonable adjustments and if required further services to support their Access to Work application.




Assistive Technology Tuition

Assistive Technology Training

Enabling employees to get the best from their assistive technology software and hardware solutions through personalised strategies tailored uniquely to them


Workplace Skills Support

Workplace Skills Support

Providing employees with a variety of appropriate work based strategies for development of independent working and professional success.




Assistive Technology Provision

Assistive Technology Provision

Sourcing of Assistive Technology and specialist equipment, working with IT departments to ensure successful implementation.