What we are doing during these unprecedented times

Dear Readers,


I thought I would take some time and provide an update about what we are doing during these unprecedented times that we are all going through together.


Our Team


First and foremost, I am pleased to say that the B.I.T.T. Services family are safe, well and generally in good spirits. They have really pulled together during this time, supporting one another as well as maintaining contact with their students and clients. For those more vulnerable clients, our team have been regularly checking in with them, ensuring the right care and support is constantly in place. I am so proud of the team and personally thank them for their continued efforts.


Our Management Team have been working around the clock, constantly monitoring the UK Guidance, making important business decision, implementing interim policies and working with team members to ensure that the right safety measures are being taken for staff, students and clients. They have also been doing everything they can to ensure that the mental-health and general well-being of team members is being looked after.




With regards to the business, we are doing what we can to make it almost “business as usual”. Our admin office is fully operational and we are still carrying out the day to day activities whilst being safe and not putting others at risk.


Our DSA (Disabled Students’ Allowances) support services continue to be fully operational. We are working with our students to facilitate support in the way that best suits them at this time. We are still carrying out some face-to-face services, where necessary, whilst taking every precaution to ensure maximum safety for both staff members and students. Although face-to-face support is unrivalled by any other method, we are fortunate enough in our business systems and processes to facilitate secure remote support. Our excellent and experienced team have effortlessly transitioned to provide sessions in this way.


Over the last couple of weeks, we noticed a slight spike in the number of cancellation due to the uncertainty of the current situation and anxiety that this has provoked for many. We have been doing what we can to minimise these and reassure students by offering alternative support methods based on their needs and learning styles.


We have had an increase in calls around technical support services and have been supporting a number of businesses in various ways. Unfortunately, some have not had the right mechanisms in place, resilience or robust business systems and have come unstuck at a critical time. They have needed immediate consultation, guidance, setup of technical systems and follow-on support in order to continue running their businesses through a work-from-home model.


We have been working closely with several large organisations and institutions, preparing existing equipment to be deployed for home use where their existing I.T. teams have been under unprecedented pressure to deliver.


Acts of Kindness & Giving Back


It is important at this time that we work together, where we can, to support one another and do our bit. Below are some of the things that we have been up to.


YouTube Channel


To support the teachers and lecturers that are under immense pressure to continue teaching, we have put together a YouTube Channel and have begun uploading videos to a targeted playlist Resources for Teachers. These short, easy-to-follow, videos explain some of the hidden features available that can help with teaching and learning. For example, how to record the screen and your voice whilst teaching a short lesson. Please take a look, subscribe, click the likes and share it on to those you think may benefit.


UPDATE (06/04/20): I am pleased to say that we have been receiving direct thanks and feedback in relation to the resources being placed on the YouTube Channel. It is reaching teachers and educators, providing them with additional knowledge so that they can enhance the content that they are delivering to pupils and students. Please do let us know if there is anything that we could potentially add and we will do our best to get more added.


Technical Support & Guidance


We have helped a number of individuals and organisations, providing some free support and guidance on various issues. These range from configuring business owned computing equipment for employees to take home, for home working, through to helping people get back online when systems have gone down.


Support in Education &  to the Local Community


We have loaned some of our own equipment, including 10 laptops, to a number of pupils, students and families who have needed to continue learning whilst not having the right resources at home to do so. The laptops have been pre-configured so that they are ready to use as soon as they have been hand delivered by one of our team whilst adhering to UK government guidance. To go that step further, we are providing technical support on all of our loaned equipment should it be required. This small gesture of good will on our part is making a huge impact for these individuals. We are trying to source more, quality, computing equipment for loaning out to those that don’t have the resources or funds.


Some of us have also put our names forward to volunteer at https://www.goodsamapp.org/NHS and continue to look for different ways we can help.


Please continue to stay safe and be in good health.


Nicholas Christodoulou (Managing Director)


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