Graphic displaying National Fitiness Day

National Fitness Day 2019

Today, 25th of September 2019, marks National Fitness Day; it’s aim is to encourage a physical, active and healthy lifestyle.


At BITTS, we continuously promote a healthy lifestyle and share ideals for an improved welbeing.  For us, its important to not just focus on one element but consider your whole lifestyle package.  We should all take time to focus on our physical health, mental health, diet and sleep patterns.  However, everyone is different, so going for a 5 mile run every week or taking part in a daily meditation class may not work for you.  Instead, there are lots of different ways to stay active, mindful and healthy.   Here’s just a few ideas:

  1. Physical Health – How about a brisk walk, a sala dance lesson or a Saturday morning parkrun?
  2. Mental Health – There are lots of different mindful apps or why not try a laughter yoga class?
  3. Diet – Do certain foods make you feel sluggish, if so, try cutting them out for a while and see how you feel.
  4. Sleep – Try to keep to a regular sleep pattern and switch off your phone an hour before bed.


For more ideas and support get in touch.


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