British Heart Foundation

The 16th of June 2019 will be the 44th infamous London to Brighton bike ride event. This year, B.I.T.T. Services Managing Director Nicholas Christodoulou, will be taking on this arduous 54 mile journey and he is hoping not to be defeated by the infamous Ditchling Beacon Hill.


Nicholas will be joined by 6 other school Dads from class 3B and together they hope to pedal to the finish line in around 4 hours. Most importantly, they will be demonstrating the core values of BITTS by supporting each other, working together and powering through to achieve a great result.


The team of Dads are looking to raise funds and awareness for the British Heart Foundation that funds over £100 million of research each year into all heart and circulatory diseases, along with the things that cause them. If you wish to sponsor, you can donate through the 3B Dads just giving page


How does cycling help wellbeing?


Often, the individuals we support at BITTS experience poor mental health or struggle daily as a result of their mental health condition. One of the strategies we regularly recommend to all is to try physical activities and being outdoors. Evidence suggests that being active, and physical fitness, supports wellbeing and therefore better mental health. Regular exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym everyday but could be taking a walk and soaking up the environment as you have a stroll. For some, the activity of walking and being outside can really promote wellness just as lifting weights at the gym can for others.


Nicholas has really enjoyed training for the London to Brighton event, at times riding with the fellow team members and, at others, on his own. A strong advocate of for being active, Nicholas often relates a state of good mental health directly to good physical health; when one suffers, often so does the other. Why don’t you give it ago and see how you feel?


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