Image of Nicholas Christodoulou, Zoë Christodoulou and Keith Lambert

ARFID Awareness UK

ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder) is an eating disorder that has been recognised relatively recently by the World Health Organization and is a condition affecting children and young adolescents. As the official recognition is so new, there is currently limited support available to sufferers and their families. As such, Nicole Kirkland and Stacey Lambert are aiming to setup the UK’s first ARFID Awareness charity.


To show support, B.I.T.T. Services’ Nicholas Christodoulou and Zoë Christodoulou, along with friend Keith Lambert, partook in the “Adrenalin War” 10 KM obstacle course in Hertford, UK, on the cold and blustery morning of 27th April 2019  in order to raise funds and awareness for the cause. The obstacle course presented a series of challenges including:

  • running in cold rivers
  • sliding down a 30 foot zipline
  • hurdling various obstacles
  • sliding down a fireman’s poles
  • running up a near vertical wall



The morning was packed with fun and adventure, but more importantly it involved helping each other, showing strength and support for those when needed.


B.I.T.T. Services look forward to its continued support of ARFID Awareness UK. To find out more about ARFID visit ARFID Awarenss UK you can follow them on the ARFID Awareness UK Facebook page or contact them at


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