As a DSA-QAG fully approved and registered supplier, we at B.I.T.T Services provide the following Non-Medical Helper provisions:
  • Assistive Technology Training – Band 4
  • Study Skills Support (SpLDs) – Band 4
  • Specialist Mentoring (Mental Health) – Band 4

We are currently able to support Students in the Greater London area and our tuition zones can be found here. We maybe able to accommodate, in special circumstances, Students outside the London area so please contact us directly for a quotation.

Based on our experience our preferred delivery model is in-person at either the students home address, institution (if the institution allows us on site) or at one of the multiple offices that we have access to around the London area.   Remote delivery is only agreed in exceptional circumstances.

We normally would expect to place a Student with one of our Tutors or Mentors within 5 working days from the date the Student makes contact.

The following prices are valid from 01/10/2018 through to 31/08/2019 for Students  in receipt of new DSA’s.  For previous pricing schemas please contact us.


Assistive Technology Tuition

  • £65 per hour + VAT
  • Typically 3 hours per session
  • Minimum of 2 hours per session
  • Greater London
  • In-person support

Specialist One to One Study Skills Support (SpLDs)

  • £69 per hour + VAT
  • Typically 2 hours per session
  • Minimum of 1 hours per session
  • Greater London
  • In-person support

Specialist Mentor (Mental Health)

  • £65.00 per hour + VAT
  • Typically 1½ – 2  hours per session
  • Greater London
  • In-person support

Band 4 Specialists Access & Learning Facilitators

Assistive Technology Trainer£65.00£13.00£78.00
Specialist 1:1 Study Skills Support (SpLDs)£69.00£13.80£82.80
Specialist Mentor (Mental Health)£65.00£13.00£78.00

Prices are for Standard Rate (in-person), Distances Learning only (in-person, in home) and Remote Delivery.

* A PDF copy of the rates table can be found here.

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